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Searching for the right house

There are tons of places to begin searching for houses.  I'm sure you are familiar with Zillow, and a plethora of others.   These are great resources, but sometimes they take a little while to update, like when a house goes under contract.  You can check out houses from my website too.  It is directly connected to the MLS so it is updated when the MLS is.  My favorite way to search is by zip code, but feel free to use whatever method you like.  Please note that there is an estimated monthly payment amount underneath the listing price for your convince!

Do you really need a pre-approval letter before you start your

home search?

Here are a few things to expect during your transaction.

There are a lot of moving parts in the home buying process, so having a good Realtor to guide you will make a huge impact on your experience.  I like to sit down with my new clients, especially first-time home buyers, to go through an overview of the process.  In my experience, it makes the whole process go smoother if we all have an expectation of what's to come.  I will listen for what you are looking for and work together with you to find the perfect place.  We will figure out the best way to communicate and make it happen.  I will provide advise throughout the process and have trusted professionals that I can recommend for needs that come up, like a loan officer, a title company, various inspectors and almost anything else.

First steps:

  • Find a Realtor

  • Get pre-qualified .

  • Figure out a comfortable monthly payment 

  • Research the target area

  • decide what's important to you

  • Start looking at houses and find the right one!


Found the one?

Write an offer and get it ratified!

Yay!  You're ratified! 

Now what?

  • Get your inspections and negotiate repairs

  • Order the appraisal

  • Complete your mortgage application

  • Contact your settlement company

  • Complete final walk-throughs


This is when you bring your money, sign your papaerwork and get your keys!!  

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