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What's my home worth?

This is always the number one question I get from my sellers!  There are many tools out there that can give you a value for your home, but they are not all created equal.  Zillow is a really popular tool.  It creates a radius around your house and factors in the values of the homes around you into their value amount for your house.  Homes around you do impact your home value, but this can also be misleading if your $300,000 house is right next to a new neighborhood of $600,000 or vice versa.  

Here is a tool that also factors the tax record of your home into its valuation.  Although this method is not perfect, it will give you a basic idea of your home value.

Seller timeline

First steps

  • talk to a Realtor about selling

  • sign a listing agreement

  • start getting ready to sell, clean, pack, depersonalize, paint

  • make sure your Realtor gets professional photos and video take of your property

  • get it listed in the MLS

  • start showings

Offer to Contract

Negotiate the terms of the contract.  Get through the inspections and the appraisal.

Cross the finish line!

Move out.  Complete settlement.  Hand over your keys and collect your proceeds.

How can improper pricing

impact your home sale?

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