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A Beach in Stafford, Virginia?!

I want to introduce you to Aquia Landing in Stafford, Virginia. This is a park that can be found in North Stafford. This body of water is located where the Potomac River and Aquia Creek meet. This park provides lots of family entertainment options. You can fish, swim, cook out, walk, play volleyball or soccer or watch the boats and the wildlife.

You can fish here. There are indoor restroom facilities and a couple of gazebos that you can rent and grill from! The kids will love making sandcastles and wading in the water to cool off on a hot summer day!

You can sit and enjoy the boats passing by.

Here is a view of the gazebos and flat play space perfect for Volleyball or soccer.

This is a really cool place to check out, especially if you want to hang out in the sand for a little bit, but don’t want to pack everyone up and take a long car ride! This park is right off of Brooke Road in North Stafford. Go check it out!

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